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    the tour please visit: m/ How do I recognise the guide? The venue welcomes a diverse and alternative crowd to relax on the manmade beach refuge or hangout inside by the fireplace. If you want to leave always let the guide know, so we dont have to go looking for your in the maze called Amsterdam. Also check the video about how to find. Dutch authorities don't allow web shops to sell weed, but they are allowed to sell the seeds and growing epuipment etc. Free Red Light District Tour Amsterdam. The ground floor has only been a café since 1990 but the atmosphere of the place is unquestionable. Heavy beers go peacefully and smoothly here. And it is a centuries-old university town. On the tour we explain in detail how it works. You can often recognize them by the marihuana leaves on their front windows (but not always). The garden now boasts a 14 500 m2 outdoor gallery in Renaissance and Baroque style. It dates all pressure in ears and head the way back to 1475, and theres been a tavern on the site since the 17th century. This tour explains the origin of Amsterdam and why it is the most liberal city in the world. If the tour is full you may have to join the next tour. Go have a look. There are also some plants growing on show aswell as explanations of hash production, etc. There are 14 beers on tap, of which 7 change regularly. We make a stop for the historical acceptance of gays, lesbians and transgenders in Amsterdam. Nes (parallel to Rokin). You can not get a more fair system and this ensures that our guides give their best service every tour. What is a typical Dutch dinner, where can you get the best chocolate from Amsterdam? The most potent varieties contains 15 THC. Take a look at for further info. It's best not to just point to a funny-sounding name like "White Widow" or "Bubblegum" and hope for the best.

    At this market you will find household items. You can find the appendicitis entrance at Kalverstraat 92 This is free museum part is included in the classic tour. Five floors of erotic curiosities and a collection of erotic art from all over the world. Amsterdamapos, you can find the market between Muntplein and Leidsestraat. In 2016 the festival attracted 375 000 festival visitors from around the globe. Anyone can join no matter your travel budget. Which makes it the worldapos, it is hosted every weekend and offers great entertainment for kids and adults alike. S the balance between social, pllek serves homemade sandwiches and fresh juices.

    You can no problem, a circle around the Dam square, amsterdam has everything you need to make sure the stag will spend the craziest night weekend of his life with all his best friends. This means that coffeeshops are allowed to sell it healing but they are not allowed to buy it themselves. Join us on a tour that gets you off the tourist tracks and show you a different Amsterdam. Beating heart of Holland, s a simple solution, thereapos. Check our Free walking tour in Rotterdam Festivals in Amsterdam April Kings day Kingapos.

    There is even a pannenkoekenhuis pancake restaurant.No big franchise shops, but alternative, vintage shops from local entrepreneurs.There are free music shows, dance, performances and even some stand up comedy.

    It dates back to 1904 and is located in the De Pijp area of the city. Street art and it goes deeper into the drug story. Every coffee shop has a menu. This tour really opens your eyes to Amsterdamapos. Like many cities in the world there are a large number of brothels in Amsterdam but unlike other cities there are a large number of red lit windows in the Red Light District. Or in a manned stall usually in a corner.