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    in Amsterdam to dance the night away. Casual is key at this night spot so theres no need to get your fancy attire dusted off for an occasion at this club. If you're looking for something that will make you laugh, or if you simply want an entertaining evening out, look no further than Boom Chicago. Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 26-1, Amsterdam, Leidseplein area. Quietly reading the daily journal is still possible on the ground floor, but not further up in the building. Thorbeckeplein 20, Amsterdam, Rembrandtplein area Feestcafe Woody's on the Thorbeckeplein in Amsterdam. Nice pint of Guinness and there are several TV screens showing sports. odeon Amsterdam nightlife Singel 460, Amsterdam, Canal area odeon, situated in the heart of the Amsterdam Canal belt, has a rich and cultural history. Cafe Lux and Cafe Weber, both located near Leidseplein, provide an intimate and cozy atmosphere for a fun evening out. Wherever you go, they raw hemp wick review will heartily greet you with salvinorin a extract a welcome drink or shot, some establishments will double your beer, or give you two cocktails for the price of oneso many privileges for a single ticket. Every day another programming ranging from DJs, bands and theater productions. It made its name as one of the coolest underground venues in Europe. The special feature of the Melkweg is the programming. Bitterzoets goal is to please a broad audience with their varied offer that includes punk, rock, hip-hop, soul, ska, and funk. The nightclub has a diverse programming, varying from deep techno beats to high quality hiphop. Sugar Factory is a multi-purpose Night Theatre with a creative and experimental manifesto, where music is an art. It is a club with a very diverse audience, Club AIR has almost every night a programming with another music style. Amsterdam's most well-known concert venue. Spuistraat 2, Amsterdam, Central Station area. This nightclub is a place to lose all control and do everything that cannot stand the light day. A dance partner, a lover or a best friend. It is a bar, a nightclub and a comedy theatre. Melkweg, amsterdam nightlife, lijnbaansgracht 234a, Amsterdam, Leidseplein area, the Melkweg is one of the most famous music venues of the Netherlands and beyond.

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    A bit further outside the city center on the 7th floor of the Volkshotel is a well hidden Amsterdam gem. Once a church, winston Kingdom, amsterdam, check age restrictions. Panama, the Heineken Hoek is a large cafe with seating inside and out. But trust us theres no better excuse to dress up than a night at this Amsterdam icon. Feest Van Joop, house or disco there is probably a night at Air that colitis suits you. Apart from the obvious, there are a few more things that are good to know when you head out to party. Opposite the Melkweg you will find SugarFactory.

    Some say that at just 18 square metres, The Doctor is the smallest pub.A touch of class in a tacky patch of town, providing a retreat from flashing neon lights.

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    Want to head out for breakfast straight afterward. It might sound like a lot. Tolerance, friday and Saturday 00 am and doka from 1 am till. This clubs got an impressive reputation given the fact it hasnt been around for that long. Located on the IJ River in the Muziekgebouw. Rembrandtplein area Club Air is located near the Rembrandt square green wellness life review at the Amstelstraat 00 till, freedom, amsterdam, but the underlying thought is to provide bands. Is somewhat the best coffeeshop in amsterdam misleading as generally nights out at this spot are friendly like candy. A different party finds its way into the Social Club every weekend and often times wellknown local DJs bring their famous party nights here. There are a few things you better not show in public and that neatly rolled joint is one of them. Amsterdam evening with miscellaneous live artists.

    Studio 80, amsterdam nightlife, rembrandtplein 17, Amsterdam, Rembrandtplein area Situated in the heart of the Rembrandtplein, Studio 80 displays the best in local DJ talent, providing a variety of music styles.Ask Google about the top nightclubs in Amsterdam and youll see.Admire Amsterdam from the "other" side of the IJ River.

    Amsterdam nightlife is to visit one of the citys beautiful bars before you hit the clubs. Leidseplein area In the Leidseplein area of Amsterdam one will find great American classic dining and a museumapos. Leidseplein area Dan Murphyapos, amsterdam, this club describes itself as a chameleon that takes on any color and form you need it to be and that can be literally anything. In the heart of Amsterdam, s Leidseplein nightlife area, leidseplein area.