Click here But the players-turned-pundits started day four of the challenge neck and neck, with each of them sitting on just under 30,000 seats.ZB, laGuerir, aXON, saint Health, sumifun, jiauting.Football pundit Robbie Savage has lost a bruising battle with BBC colleague Alan Shearer to sit on half the seats in Wembley Stadium.Image copyright PA, image caption Ice bath to soothe sore seats after completing their Wembley challenge.

The discovery, reported today in the journal Nature Genetics, could have implications for the development of new methods of pain relief. 2019!
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Savage said: "I'm absolutely exhausted, but congratulations to Alan - the better man won.Wrexham-born Savage and former England star Shearer were attempting to sit on all 90,000 seats in the venue - each one taking one half of the stadium.