Click here Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics.46 Native Americans and Inuit are more likely to be infected with colds and develop complications such as otitis media than Caucasians.2 The primary methods of prevention are hand washing ; not touching the eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands; and staying away from sick people.36 People sitting in close proximity appear to be at greater risk of infection.57 Wearing face masks when around people who are infected may be beneficial; however, there is insufficient evidence for maintaining a greater social distance.

Cold and Flu, overview. 2019!
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The common cold, including chest cold and head cold, and seasonal flu are caused by viruses.Use over-the-counter cold medications to relieve symptoms including sore throat.
7 10 Infections occur more commonly during the winter.27 In children, the cough lasts for more than ten days in 3540 of cases and continues for more than 25 days.