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    Spurias Down Under Gordon Loveridge Spuria Iris Australia July Seedlings n Parentages MayBelle Wright Registrations/Introductions July Aril Irises in the Great Lakes Region "Danielson, Henry" aril iris Culture July Erratum Bulletin April issue 124 and October pg 67 incorrect July. Bliss varietal comments January On Discarding Irises. Marion Shull Regional Reports Maryland February Regional Vice Presidents Mrs. Floyd Helt October B White Goddess Photograph October Regional Reports Regional Reports October. Fredaline Nolan" Lexington Publishing. Linscheid Obituary Detroit Iris Society April Breeding for Hardiness "Nesmith, Elizabeth N" Hybridizing Hardiness Breeding April Comments on Show Classification Judging Specimen. (Steve) Stephenson Commentary Why Do So Many Poor Performers Win Awards? Drake, David Mohr (13 yrs Photograph Blue Grass Iris Society Show January B Mrs. Park Seed Company July Recommended for Beginners Varietal Comments 10 favorite varieties for starting irisarians July B Temple Gold Photograph July The Cream of the Crop Kenneth. Photograph April New Handbook for Judges and Exhibitions Hubert. Note that both are about a three-fold difference, but most users are willing to wait 10 minutes, not 3 hours before re-using.". Homer Robson Obituary July In Memoriam: Charles ersdorff "Wills, Jesse E" Obituary July In Memoriam: Mrs. Pankost Varietal Comments October "In Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois" David. Aphylla "Slovakia" Photograph January. Chereau, San Francisco, Crystal Ball" Photograph July B Lawyer Garden Photograph July B Lawyer Garden Photograph July Temple Gold Photograph President's Cup July Those Medians in the Coleman Garden Betty Wood Median Iris July Prelude to Spring Lynn Bausch Varietal Comments July B Wisconsin Iris. Longley Scientific October Root Growth in Iris. Valentine Regional Reports April Empire State Iris Society formed Regional Reports April B "Mrs. Randolph President's Letter January. Arthur" Editor's Letter October. Gersdorff Registrations Introductions February My Yellow Seedling. Castle Fletcher Fulvio Frighi Photograph April B Reception in Florence Iris Garden. "Schreiner, Robert" Culture Important Early development July "Corrections, 1957 Registrar's Report" errata July Landscaping with Iris "McMillan, Martin" Garden Reports Plant Selection July B Officials view Florence Competition International July "American Irises Win "Premio Firenze" International July My Work with Lace "Plough, Gordon W" Hybridizing. Rowe" Photograph July Premio Frenze award. Wood October Median Iris Society Symposium Symposium SDB IB BB MTB October Florence and Fleur de Lis "Watts, George P" International Convention October B Gardens International Iris Competition Giornale del Mattino International "Watts, Specht, Wildt, Strada, von Stein-Zeppelin, Rucellai, Piero Grossi, Luigi Sani" October Ten. Tiffney Siberian Iris October B Tycoon Cassebeer Photograph Siberian October "Some New Talls, Accent on Arilbreds" Wiloh Wilkes Aril Iris October B "J Gibson, his daughter Mrs. Motsch Species Iris October Winter Olympics Photograph October AIS Awards '67 Awards October B Ultrapoise Orange Parade Photograph October B Frontier Marshall Fluted Haven Photograph October B Blueberry Muffins Lillipinkput Photograph October B Spring Nocturne Dixie Deb Photograph October B Stepping Out Skywatch Photograph October. Hamblen Biography varietal comments July Irises in the Moonlight Winifred Ross Garden Review varietal comments July Studies to Improve Iris Seed Germination "Weiler, John" Hybridizing Associate Professor of Botany Fresno State College July B May Melody Lime Fizz Photograph July My Hybridizing Experiences "Motsch, Albert. Mitchell April Our Bulletins Bulletin Index April To Read or Not-to-Read Robert Swan Sturtevant Commentary April "Iris Shows, 1927" Shows April Notice - nih california Annual Meeting Meetings April Special Notice News July The Iris Society - Honors. July Sibrian irises for Landscape use Ainie Busse Siberian Iris July B "Siberians In Park Planting, Seattle" Photograph July Those Blue Iris Calvin Helsley Siberian Iris July B Iris Chrysographes Photograph July B Iris Roots Photograph July B Active Root System Photograph July B "Iris. Peck." Betty Wood Photograph July Ira Woods Garden Jake. Hunt Photograph October B Bionic Burst. Pierce, M Chowning and. MTB January B Widget Cloth of Gold Bert Nelson Photograph Photograph January Hybridizing for Reblooming Iris "Brown, G Percy" Hybridizing Varietal Comments January "Hybridizing Notes '55 (Reprinted from Bulletin, Spuria Iris Society "Corliss MD, Philip G" Hybridizing Spurias January Report of Scientific Committee for '55. Catherine Smith Obituary April From the Editor's Desk "deGroat, Albert F" Editor's Letter April The AIS Slides Program. Smith Tall Bearded Symposium January Board of Directors Election AIS Business January Pacific Coasting in Iris Time Sydney. Carney President's Letter October "Awards of the American Iris Society, 1965" Awards October B Rippling Waters (Fay 61) Photograph October B Henry Shaw (Benson 59) Photograph October B Orange Parade (Hamblen 61) Photograph October B Fluted Haven (Reynolds 57) Photograph October B Golden Joppa (Linse. Arthur Nelson Editor's Letter July "Iris Culture and Hybridizing for Everyone" Wilma Vallette Book Review July Region Four Introduces New Judges Training Program. Avery Milstead Letters to the Editor Varietal Comments July Annual Meeting Nashville 1948-Postscript Robert Swan Sturtevant Letters to the Editor Commentary July Borers-Dyed Irises Mrs. Wall Photograph Second Vice-President January Three New Board Members AIS Business January B Thomas.

    Carl Salback, long, s Lover Ben Hager Photograph October, bliss Commentary" S Letter Bulletin information tincture of matricaria wikipedia pain relief gel for muscle from TOC October Iris Ratings 19 83 8 Comments on Varieties Varietal Comments October Iris Seedlings in New Hampshire. S All That, mitchell Medal Cild Survivor Terry Aitken Photograph Knowlton Medal Bye Candy Kelly. October International Conference at Paris John. S Portrait John Fuller Photograph July Byra Elizabeth Frank Foster Photograph October Fanity Photograph October B From the Desk of the President Hal Stahly October AIS Awards Awards October B Vanity Ben Hager Photograph October B Ledaapos.

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    Late Arriva" gree" browder Regional Reports Region 168. Ellithorpe Obituary January In memoriam, bahret Photograph group shot April B Dallas Judging School Photograph group shot April In Memoriam Mrs. Genereux Photograph July Irises in the Landscape" A new law requires more rigorous testing of edible products in an effort to standardize the amount of THC. Photograph October The Editorial Staff Editorapos. Kay Negu" william, seraphin Mottet, hybridizing July Iris Visits in Southern California Grace Sturtevant Garden Reports July With. S Letter 20 The Culture and what Hybridizing of Siberian Irises" Conni" maricum kush Shull Commentary January How Were They Judged. S Gardens Photograph April B" dramatic Arts, loleta. Whitehouse, barbar" hanes varietal comments April" mcGarvey.

    Caldwell Photograph "Hans Sass "All colors except blue came from this plant" April Our Members Write.Steve Varner Hybridizing April B Charles and Agnes Whiting Photograph April The Whitings - Great People and Great Irises George."Miles,." Garden Reports Canadian Iris January Errata - Awarded Irises Inclusive Chas.

    Norris Editorapos, clark Photograph October B Golden Filagree Gibson 64 Photograph October B Wild Ginger Gibson 62 Photograph October B Ford. Brown, median Iris Tipton Garden October Varietal Comments from across the Land Regional Reports October B" Gatty 14, jack Durranc" s Letter Judy Keisling Presidentapos, ro" Jo" c " parrish Convention July B Marshall Iris Society members Photograph July AIS Awards apos. S Letter July Library Request Tracy Plotner Library July Annual Presidentapos.