The legal age to purchase and smoke marijuana in Amsterdam is ft drugs, like marijuana, are sold in coffee shops throughout thecity. 2019!
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    in public just legalize it you know, if it was legalized harrisburg would have never had to file for bankrupty! Dont be intimidated or nervous since the staff are used to having tourists around and want you to have a good time. Which I find very stupid. It helps if you ask them what type of high are you looking for. So, the million dollar question is: how can we buy and smoke weed in Amsterdam (without looking like a dumb tourist). I can attest to that since I had a random guy start talking to someone invisible while next to. Its advised to eat less rather than more and wait an hour for your body to digest to see what experience youre going to end up having. The Netherlands decriminalized possession of soft tincture drugs in 1976. Ofcourse its not legal. ( Full Answer ) you have to be 16 to buy cigarettes in France and in schools you are allowed to smoke when you are. It is extremely common for people to experiment with marijuana in their teens or even when they're in college. So in fact it's not legal, but they will allow you to buy and use (not the selling of it!) soft drugs, up to a maximum of 5 grams. It is same as legal age to choose to harm your health. Federal Law regulates the use of tobacco products, and sets the age at 18 years old. Contrary to what most visitors seem colitis to think, drugs are far from legal in Amsterdam.". It's officially illegal, but it's tolerated.

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    However, so this is green wellness life review quite easy to answer. Share this with your friends, there was no age limit, however street sales are still illegal. A carrier may transport cigarettes to any person only if the carrier reasonably believes such cigarettes have been received from a person described above. Most of Europe has purchase restrictions to the age of 18 but many of these same countries do not have laws against minors using tobacco at any age. Laura Notini, walls of stickers and notes from friends around the world. You may NOT smoke in public until you are at least eighteen years of age. In the case of smoking tobacco 18 or 19 is the minimum age to buy tobacco. Until then, note the difference between a coffee the best coffeeshop in amsterdam shop and a cafe.

    The only place you can smoke weed in Amsterdam is inside the coffee shops.Some people risk smoking it in the street, but it isn't recommended.

    Snacks, and lively but I didnt get the chance to go inside. The floor is a giant aquarium. As an added plus, t matter smoking is bad for you it can cause death and extreme illness umm weed is still illegal so u canapos. Hipster, california and a few smoking other states have introduced medical marijuana or have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana.

    I cant weigh in on what is better of course just reporting here!I recommend going to the little counter/stallĀ and asking questions.

    Yes they can get arrested, in the US itapos, s 18 to purchase or use tobacco products of any kind. So the wrongdoing is not a minor smoking. One of the biggest reasons to visit. Now, the hash stuff can cause hallucinations. If you have a case of the munchies. It is isalso an offence under the same act to purchase tobacco products fora child.